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Currency Partners is South Africa’s largest specialist provider of Private Client exchange rates and services.

They can facilitate your currency transfers at optimum exchange rates so you can save money.  Their team of experts will handle the required exchange control obligations and Reserve Bank approval applications to remit funds for Non-Resident individuals from SA.

If you’re working abroad and need to make regular or ad hoc international payments or transfers, you can benefit from their preferential pricing and the highly competitive exchange rates offered by their Private Client FX solution.

Currency Partners’ expert teams confidently handle every aspect of the exchange control process for you.   Their services and benefits for the premium Private Client FX service include:

  • Pre-completed electronic currency forms
    (they don’t require original documentation)
  • Foreign tax clearance certificates from SARS
  • SARB Exchange Control approval applications
  • Offshore, Non-resident and Cash Management bank accounts
  • Automatic market orders and target rate watch alerts
  • Better price promise (they’ll better any live comparative quote)
  • All-inclusive exchange

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Introducing a Secure Asset Class.

If you have property you wish to sell and grow the capital amount from the proceeds of the sale into an asset class with a guaranteed return linked to the prime rate, at low risk, as a first in line credit lender, with agreements protected by South African legislation, then take a look at this opportunity and find out more.  Where previously only corporates benefited from high interest rates, BCFS offer these to private individuals at a 100% client satisfaction rate. 

Godelieve is an accredited Independent Consultant of BCICA, who have a mandate to raise funding for Body Corporate Funding Solutions (BCFS). BCFS has more than 2500 lenders with over R800 million loans raised for Bodies Corporate and Home Owner Associations since 2010. We provide our clients with access to:

  • Community Schemes loan assets, protected by legislation. These assets are low risk, low cost and provide high returns.
  • Section 12J investments linked to renewable energy VCCs regulated by SARS and the FSCA, that offer tax incentives.
  • Fund-raising for the Thomson Smillie Foundation (which ranks as a BBBEE contribution) to support the preservation of wildlife and supply bursaries to underprivileged children.

Product Overview


Income Energiser

  • Monthly interest paid at Prime plus 3% p.a.
  • For 5-year Project funding loans to Bodies Corporate or Home Owner Associations.
  • Minimum R100,000 loan.
  • Key benefit: Predictable income, no costs to erode capital.

Fortified Capital Plus

  • Interest at Prime plus 5% p.a., calculated daily and compounding monthly.
  • Loans to a Bodies Corporate to perform essential maintenance.
  • Suits persons with a minimum lumpsum of R50,000 for a loan providing compound interest growth.
  • Key benefits: Significant life asset. Borrower covers costs.

Insured Capital

  • Interest at Prime plus 3% p.a., calculated daily and compounding monthly.
  • A Fortified Capital Plus loan linked to a Hollard guarantee.
  • Minimum loan: R250,000.
  • Key Benefits: Ideal for time-sensitive clients who need initial capital repaid after 5 years.

Powered Wealth

  • Interest at Prime plus 5% p.a. compounding monthly.
  • Suits individuals with steady income who do not have a lumpsum to lend.
  • Minimum R1000 per month.
  • Key Benefits: Start of a lifetime Loan Asset. No costs.

Section 12J Investments

  • Introduction to Bright Light Solar VCC and Alumni Energy Solutions VCC.
  • Strictly regulated by SARS and the FSCA.
  • Significant tax incentives for investors into Venture Capital Companies for job creation.

Predictable returns in an uncertain world can be yours!  To find out how you too can enjoy a high interest rate that is usually reserved for large corporates, whilst enjoying the peace of mind that comes from predictable low-risk returns, contact us for a no-obligations walkthrough of your options. Peruse the BCFS website.